Welcome to Switzerland

443.ch is a private project of Ivo Syfrig.

"the meaning ist the knowledge"

It is exclusively for non-commercial knowledge retention to
the world of Linux. Linux is my great technical passion with which I am working for 30 years.

live long and prosper



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Hosted Content:

Ivo's Homepage | syfrig.ch
Ivo's Audiophile Dienstleistungen | mediaconvert.ch
Ivo's Bildergallerie | mediashare.ch
Ivo's Wetterstation | 6277.ch
Ivo's Geigerzähler | radmon.ch
Ivo's Cloud | cloud.443.ch

Landing Domains *:

cabernet.ch | layer.ch
| denied.ch | unify.ch | przeliorz.ch

Owned Domains *:

debianlinux.ch | googlezon.ch | mailcloud.ch | netgrid.ch | lake-valley.ch seetalonline.ch | contamination.ch | p210.ch | a2rothenburg.ch
darfgehen.ch | evsound.ch

* Domains are partially for sale, please contact info@443.ch


Questions? info@443.ch

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